Community Partners of the Poconos (CPOP)

Promoting Collaboration, Inclusion & Nonprofit Accountability

Who We Are

Community Partners of the Poconos (CPOP) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization created to facilitate opportunities for intra-group networking and collaboration, and to help nonprofits and emergent groups meet the needs of the growing population in the Pocono area.  CPOP identifies collaborative opportunities, and provides training and customized assistance to nonprofit and emerging groups to help them operate, govern, design new programs, and secure available funding. 

Community Partners of the Poconos (CPOP) and its Monroe County Council On Inclusion was founded by Dagmaris Cabezas, MS.  It is modeled after the successful Coolbaugh Township Community Partnership (CTCP) also created by Ms. Cabezas.  The Partnership  was established in 2004 to address the growing diversity and service needs of the population of Coolbaugh Township, the largest Township in Monroe County.  

The Partnership effort led to the creation of a permanent Coolbaugh Township Commission of seven citizen representatives appointed by the Board of Supervisors who work to promote civic participation and unity among residents.  

The group, representing the racial and ethnic diversity of the Township, makes recommendations on initiatives of concern, and organizes events that promote civic participation and unity among residents. 

 Partnership efforts successfuly called attention to local needs, including expanding social services and after-school programming to accommodate commuting parents.  Additionally, as a result of Partnership efforts, Coolbaugh Township was able to secure funding support  to construct an on site Community Services Incubator. The project, currently underway, will provide social services now physically located only in Stroudsburg to Coolbaugh residents by providing free office space to agencies and service providers at the Municipal Center site.

The Coolbaugh Township Community Partnership also provided capacity building assistance to emerging and established nonprofit group, increasing local public and private funding support; and educating volunteer, self-help, and nonprofit groups to effectively and responsibly manage and govern their organizations. 

The opportunities and services proposed and being provided by Community Partners of the Poconos expands the township, partnership model to Monroe County, and surrounding areas. 

Help Us Identify Quality Youth Programs In Monroe County

The United Way of Monroe County, Pocono Alliance, and Community Partners of the Poconos are collaborating to identify quality youth programs in Monroe County.  Our objective is to create a publishable inventory which can be accessed by parents and youth in search of a safe and nurturing after-school, weekend, or summer experience.

If you or someone you know operates such a program ,please visit the Youth Inventory Link on this website and fill out the short inventory form.

We appreciate your support!


Pennsylvanians are giving generously to relief efforts in Haiti. The devastation there is beyond comprehension.

But those of us in Monroe County who generously support this cause should be aware that past natural disasters have prompted groups and individuals with criminal intent to solicit contributions on behalf of the afflicted.

Please link to the FBI Fraud Alert for information.

Credible organizations in Monroe County participating in relief efforts include the American Red Cross, Catholic Relief Services, and the Salvation Army, among others. 

Community Partners of the Poconos can also help you find out if an organization is legitimate.  Contact us at: